ForShe Cabs

This is the age of women empowerment. Each and every sphere of today’s scenario is influenced by confidence of women. The new field stepped-in by women is driving. An all new fleet of radio taxis was introduced last year in the month of April. The specialty attached to this new radio taxi fleet is that it is meant only for women. These taxis are driven and hired only by women. These taxis are famous as ‘ForShe Cabs’. For information about this fresh concept of cab services, navigate the following page.

ForShe Cabs-A Revolution in Cab World

These cabs bring in another all-women zone which shows a promising future in making travelling safer for the fairer sex in the whole of the NCR region. With the coming of ForShe cabs an exclusive driving service is introduced which is only for women and their families. This is a safe option for women and the chauffeur and the customer can converse freely with each other. The passengers are in safe hands as the chauffeurs are well-trained not only in driving but also in martial arts. Thus, they are competent enough to meet any eventuality. It is also decided that the number of the cabs will soon be increased as the demand of these cabs is witnessing a continuous growth.

Features of ForShe Cabs

ForShe provides services of air-conditioned taxis. These taxis ply throughout the NCR region. The sole aim of these radio taxis is to offer clean, comfortable, safe, cost-effective and proficient transport for ladies and their families. These taxis have wonderful service features. Some of them are-

  • Smart interiors with great comfort
  • Unequaled safety
  • Tamperproof electronic fare meter for smooth and accurate billing
  • Feeder service to several Metro Stations throughout the city
  • Panic button incase of catastrophe
  • Nicely groomed and skilled lady chauffeurs
  • There is a coupe with six seats and in case of fewer commuters; the seats can be folded for more space.

Booking ForShe Cabs

ForShe cabs can be booked by making a phone call. Dial a nationwide local number 44222222 or 44333222 and the ForShe cab will be waiting for you at your doorstep. Each and every cab is kept under a through watch through a GPS system. The cabs also have a constant connectivity through GPRS which facilitates the cab driver and passengers as well. The charges are Rs. 15 per km.

ForShe is the first fleet of radio taxis driven by women and it caters only to women customers. ForShe cabs are now available at the capital of the country. OAIS (which runs the all woman taxi service ForShe in Mumbai) is highly acclaimed for running cabs for women that are driven by women only. All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) and OAIS, a private company; hold the credit of giving training to 20 women cab drivers each in the initial stages. ForShe Radio Taxi Service is only one of its kind. This is an elite cab service driven by lady chauffeurs for the ladies of the city of Delhi and cities around it. One more item of women interest is approaching. This is Gurgaon Shopping Festival. With the services of ForShe cabs, it will be convenient for women to attend this eventful fiesta.

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